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By stevetracy: Editorial Director
Headline: Welcome Back!SteveTracy_ControlBooth
Hendon Media Group is proud to bring back The Police Marksman magazine in a useful, convenient, and easy-to-read online format. Our goal is to provide you, today’s police firearms enthusiast and range officer, with current reviews of firearms, ammunition, lights, lasers, holsters, sights and other accessories. We will also cover modern firearms training issues, firearms competition, and pertinent law related topics. The Police Marksman is dedicated to helping keep our fellow police officers safe.
The Police Marksman debuted in 1976 and was a source that police firearms devotees could turn to for 31 years. For more than 20 of those years, one of its strongest assets was Brian McKenna’s “Officer Down” column, which recounted police involved shootings in forensic detail. The Police Marksman once again brings you McKenna’s well respected analysis of officer involved shootings. His breakdown of actual incidents, including first hand interviews with the officers involved, is renowned throughout the police community. McKenna’s accounts of real world incidents will keep officer safety foremost in your mind well after you’ve finished his latest column.
McKenna is now retired from active duty police work after 33 years of service, but he remains active in the law enforcement community through his company,, which teaches mental preparation for armed encounters. The Police Marksman is thrilled to have Brian and “Officer Down” bring you accounts of police tactics, a winning mindset, and true heroism.
Those of you who read The Police Marksman in the past will recognize some familiar bylines in the future. Several previous writers will provide their expertise to future issues, as will new contributors. To quote the Blues Brothers, “We’re getting the band back together.”
I am honored to be your editor. I remember picking up and reading The Police Marksman at my local police department’s basement range back when I was first learning to shoot with my father. My dad wasn’t a cop, but he had several friends in law enforcement. I respected the officers I met and I was impressed with the difficult and often unsung work they performed on a daily basis.
I’m sure I was influenced to choose law enforcement as my career because of my positive encounters with those officers at the range and also by The Police Marksman magazines I read that were on the break room table.
I was a firearms enthusiast before becoming a police officer and I’m still a gun nut today. I’ve been a police firearms instructor for 23 of my 25 years on duty. Editing The Police Marksman magazine is a new and exciting challenge and I look forward to serving my fellow officers in the police community.
The Police Marksman’s goal is to make your job both safer and easier by providing you with up-to-date topics you can really use. In turn, you can bring the information directly to your roll calls and inject it into your range training to benefit every member of your agency.
Welcome back to The Police Marksman!

Pull Quote: “The Police Marksman’s goal is to make your job both safer and easier by providing you with up-to-date topics you can really use.”

Author Bio: Editorial Director Steve Tracy is a 25-year police veteran with 23 years of experience as a firearms instructor. He is also an instructor for tactical rifles, use of force, less-than-lethal force and scenario-based training. He can be reached at


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