COURSE OF FIRE: Tourniquet Application and Continue to Fight


By Police Marksman Staff

Each issue of The Police Marksman will feature a “Course of Fire” that police officers can use for their own department’s training. Training courses can be shared and used “as is” or you may wish to modify them as needed. If you have a firearms course that has worked well with your own department’s range training, send it to us and we’ll pay you $50 if it’s chosen to be shared here. Try to keep the round count at a single box of 50 rounds for pistol courses as we know today’s ammo budgets are challenging. Courses with movement, cover, shields, low light, etc. are beneficial to all police officers, so follow the standard instructional format like this issue’s course and e-mail it to us at

Required Items and Materials:
1. Duty handgun, extra magazines, and duty belt/holster.
2. Police Tourniquet
3. Silhouette targets with 8 ½” x 14” center mass. All rounds will be fired at center mass.
4. Some type of cover to utilize on the range (trash barrel or just a false wall to simulate).
5. Total of 40 rounds

Instructional Goal:
To perform real-world scenarios, sustaining injury, applying tourniquet, and continuing to fight and shoot back.

Instructional Objectives:
This drill will put officers through lifelike scenarios to simulate applying a tourniquet to save their own lives while also shooting back.

Lesson Plan:
1. Introduction
a. Introduce self.
B. State your qualifications.
C. Explain course of fire as described in body.

2. Explain why it’s important to train through the simulated application of a tourniquet so if it ever happens for real, officers have “been there before” and can fall back on training.
a. Handgun might not be holstered when initial use of tourniquet is needed (gun was in hand when officer was shot).
B. Always attempt to apply tourniquet from behind cover.
c. Retrieve or unholster firearm once wound is handled and return fire.

a. Course of Fire on the range
1. At 10-yard line, officer starts in prone position behind cover with loaded handgun on the ground, facing downrange.
2. Officer accesses tourniquet and applies to weak arm.
3. Officer retrieves handgun and fires five rounds, strong hand only at center mass of target.
4. Officer holsters handgun, stands up, fires five rounds center mass from behind cover.
5. Repeat steps 1–4 above, but apply tourniquet to strong arm and fire weak hand only at center mass of target.
6. At 15 yard line, repeat steps 1 -4 above, applying tourniquet to left leg.
7. Repeat steps 1–4 above, applying tourniquet to right leg.
8. Total of 40 rounds fired.

B. Scoring is Pass/Fail, percentage of hits in the center mass area (usually 70-75%)

A. Questions
B. Thanks PM

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