PFE 2015 (Announcing Dates - 600x250)

Mac/PC Materials

Hendon Media Group operates in a PDF workflow PC environment. For best reproduction, please send us a high resolution PDF. If possible, preflight your files before sending them. We can process these files with 100% accuracy as long as you provide the information below. A sample must accompany all ads submitted to Hendon Publishing Company.

We can accept files on the following media: Zip disk, CD, DVD, and diskette.
You may also use our FTP upload.


Ad Material: Please provide the following information (bullet points below) with the ad. If the Ad is being sent via mail, please include a plain text file or printout that includes the following information. If the ad is being sent via ftp or e-mail, please include the following information by email.

If you do not do this, we will have a hard time figuring out where the ad is to be placed, especially if it is a file we cannot open!

  • The name of the ad.
  • The company name, ad size, and what magazine/month the ad is to go into.
  • In which program was the file created – Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign….
  • What version of that program?
  • What fonts were utilized in the creation of the ad?
  • Please include all image files with the ad.

Send the file to us along with a color sample of the ad, laser printout or color proof are acceptable.

Please send ALL ads as a high resolution PDF file. If Acrobat Distiller is being used, save the PDF as Press Quality. Please make sure that all fonts are embedded into the PDF document. If there are questions regarding saving the document, please call (800) 843-9764.

If saving as a PDF is not an option, please send us .tif or .eps files. The color mode should be CMYK, the resolution should be 300. Please make sure all fonts and pictures are embedded into the file.

Shipping Instructions

All disks must be shipped prepaid to:

Attn: Production
Hendon Media Group
130 Waukegan Rd, Suite 202
Deerfield, IL 60015-5652