By George T. Williams
Comfort and Concealment Combined

It’s often easy to pick out the off-duty cop who is carrying: He’s the clean-cut guy with an untucked button-down shirt over a tucked-in T-shirt. Or he’s that guy carrying the ballistic nylon man-purse in coyote tan over his shoulder. Although concealed carry is slower in a quick draw situation, it may provide you with a level of surprise you may need in order to gain a survivable edge. To avoid signaling that you’re a cop (with your untucked shirt or that ballistic nylon bag), an inside-the-waistband (IWB) “tuckable” holster can be the answer, especially when you’re able to tuck your shirt over it. A tuckable holster is invaluable by providing a higher level of concealment while also reasonably providing access to the weapon in timely manner.

I was first introduced to DC (Deep Concealment) Holsters over two years ago. A marriage of high-quality leather and molded kydex, the leather protects your skin while the kydex is form-fitted to each weapon. This makes for a lightweight and very durable holster. A custom-designed belt clip is attached to the kydex, providing a very secure attachment to the belt. It can even go under the belt to provide even deeper concealment without having to wear a lot of leather to accommodate the belt clip(s). It is intentionally designed to tuck your shirt(s) over it, increasing its concealability. Daily carry of full-size handguns, e.g., Glock 17, 22, 21, or a 1911 Operator TRP with my shirt tucked in over and around it actually achieves a surprising degree of concealment.

Anyone who has ever carried a handgun off-duty, especially inside-the-waistband to maximize its concealment, knows that it can be a pain. Not just bothersome or uncomfortable, but it can actually cause real pain in your back and hip from the weapon itself, scraping your bare skin raw (hence, the typical T-shirt between the skin and grip), sharp or protruding pieces of metal, or just your belt pressing the bulk of the handgun into the muscular of your hip. Carrying any firearm for hours at a time is generally, at best, uncomfortable.

Some but definitely not all of this is part of carrying a handgun. However, the DC Holster fixes most of these problems and is the most comfortable IWB I’ve ever worn. The leather backing that, once it breaks in, molds to your body (Is that part of my body actually shaped like that?), preventing the pinching of the skin when gaining your grip. The leather also protects your skin from sharp edges, checkering, or texturing on the weapon.

The DC Holster carries the handgun low in the waistband, assisting with concealment. The form-fitted kydex, unique to each handgun model, retains the weapon with a satisfying click as the handgun is inserted. That retention can be modified by using a heat gun to slightly heat the kydex, using a finger to press the kydex down into the trigger guard and ejection port—the pressure retention points of the holster. If the retention is too tight, the kydex can be heated, loosening it. The holster remains open after the draw, facilitating reholstering the weapon with less need to fumble or look. Simply reverse the process of drawing with the non-gun hand, clearing any obstructing clothing and then insert the weapon into the holster, ensuring you don’t muzzle any of your body parts.

Donning and doffing an IWB holster is usually a hassle. Loops and multiple clips often require taking off the belt. The DC Holster with its single clip is easy to put inside the waistband, simply by loosening the belt. Removing the holster is easy as well. At the same time, I’ve never had the holster come out with the handgun during a draw. The handgun is secure during most physical activity, but has no retention devices to discourage a suspect from attempting to disarm you. That said, the nature of the IWB and positioning of the torso, especially with your shirt tucked in over it, will at least slow the suspect’s ability to get ahold of your weapon. Hopefully this will allow time to orient to the problem, triggering your trip-wire response of striking then pressing the handgun’s grip (and the suspect’s hand) into your body. At that point, it’s up to you to keep your handgun, just like every retention, from a holster.

The bottom line for each version of DC Holster I’ve used—every time I leave the house—is it’s the most comfortable IWB holster I’ve worn to date. At $60.00 MSRP (law enforcement discounts are available), this extremely durable holster is everything you’ll need in an IWB style. It does nothing about the weight of the handgun you’re carrying, or the fact that it is a piece of oddly shaped metal and/or plastic that is designed for shooting rather than wearing. What it will do is provide a highly concealable, fairly secure IWB holster that is easy to draw from and re-holster and is as comfortable as an IWB holster can get. PM

George T. Williams is the Director of Training for Cutting Edge Training in Bellingham, Wash. He has been a Police Training Specialist for more than three decades, as well as an expert witness in federal and state courts nationwide and a widely published author for more than two decades. Mr. Williams develops and presents revolutionary concepts within integrated force training solutions through a problem-solving format, functionalizing police skills and tactical training. He may be contacted at gtwilliams@cuttingedgetraining.org.

1. A large frame pistol is able to essentially disappear with a DC Holster.

2. The DC Holster is designed to meet the needs of concealing any sized handgun. In this case, a left-handed holster for a Walther P99.

3. A smaller frame Glock and matching DC Holster. Notice the form of the kydex at the trigger guard, where the kydex will act to retain the weapon through friction at the trigger guard and ejection port.

4. All of the components of the DC Holster are top-quality. The leather backing will eventually mold to your body and protects your skin from the hard, sharp parts of the pistol. The kydex perfectly fits your weapon and is permanently riveted to the leather backing.
The custom-designed retention clip for your belt, or for more concealability, your waistband under your belt is attached to the holster, making it easier to doff and don. The clip also permits your shirt to be tucked into the waistband for a more natural concealability.

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