TCI™ Two-Wire Patrol Kit Headset


TCI™, a brand of The Safariland Group, released the new Two-Wire Patrol Kit, a lightweight communications kit for law enforcement officers. As a manufacturer of high-performance tactical audio solutions, TCI now offers the same military-grade quality to police officers. This economically priced unit is an ideal replacement for the bulky shoulder-worn speaker microphone handset officers may have.
Designed for patrol, security and surveillance communications, the Two-Wire Patrol Kit is made with high-quality acoustic tubing and a small, high-gain in-line microphone that keeps the unit lightweight while still providing excellent sound quality. A Hirose connector is also included and allows an officer to quickly disconnect the radio without having to twist the headset jack, which can potentially degrade the wiring connection over time.
The Two-Wire Patrol Kit is sure to catch the eye of officers looking to upgrade their standard-issue microphone handset for a nimbler unit that allows constant clear communication.

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