GLOCK Single-Stack 9mm Concealed Carry – The New G43


GLOCK, Inc. announced the release of the new GLOCK single-stack slimline 9mm pistol, the GLOCK 43. Designed to be the answer to everyday concealed carry needs, the G43 is ultra-concealable, accurate, and comfortable for all shooters, regardless of hand size. A true slimline pistol, the frame width of the G43 is just over 1 inch and the slide width measures only 0.87-inch. The overall length is 6.26 inches. For those who have smaller hands, the trigger distance is only 2.6 inches, making it ideal for functionality. The single-stack magazine holds six rounds and is the perfect concealed carry pistol for both duty and civilian use. The G43 is engineered to the same superior standards as all GLOCK pistols and the reliability instills confidence for all lifestyles.

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