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A quick and easy way to add a Picatinny rail to your Model 92 or 1911
By Steve Tracy

Still have an older Beretta 92 or 1911 pistol from earlier in your career? Perhaps a family member’s handgun or the one you bought after serving in the military? But that gun doesn’t have the Picatinny Mil-1913 rail under the barrel for mounting a tactical light. Recover Tactical has an answer for securely mounting that sectioned, upside down, modified Weaver rail.
My home protection gun was an older pistol until I needed to open a fence gate with one hand while grasping my firearm in one hand and a flashlight in the other. That was an epiphany moment and I realized I needed a handgun with a rail mounted light. My answer was to buy another gun equipped with a rail. I remember thinking that someone should come up with a quick solution for adding a Picatinny rail to a handgun not already sporting one.

Recover Tactical has the solution for Beretta and 1911 pistols and it’s a whole lot less expensive than buying a new pistol. There’s nothing wrong with a perfectly good Model 92 or old slab sides .45, but a rail makes them a much better fighting tool. Recover Tactical’s two-piece grip/rail system installs just like putting on a new pair of grips. It utilizes your factory grip screws and two additional tiny bolts and nuts, along with an Allen wrench for tightening them. These two little bolts secure each side of the combination grip/Picatinny rail to the weapon’s trigger guard. The swap is accomplished in minutes.
The suggested retail price of Recover Tactical’s system is $49.99 and it’s offered in black, tan, or green for an all-black or two-tone look to contrast with your pistol’s factory finish.
The rail mounts any weapon light/laser that works on the Mil-1913 rail. The light is slightly lower than it would be when attached to a pistol with a factory rail, but finger activation of several lights’ switches was still intuitive and natural. However, most duty holsters contoured specifically for a weapon-mounted light are too tight to accommodate the larger rail/light area created by Recover Tactical’s rail.

A duty holster such as the DeSantis Pro-Enterprise may be able to handle a Beretta or 1911 pistol equipped with the Recover Tactical rail. Fobus makes their EMC duty holster for a 1911 that will work with the Recover Tactical system. Several other holsters are mentioned on Recover Tactical’s website as well.
The grip area is polymer with styling made to aid in gripping your pistol. It’s not as finely checkered as wood grips and not as sticky as some aftermarket grips. But, it is similar to the texture on many polymer frame pistols. The width is comparable to standard grips for either the Beretta or Colt and 1911 clones.
The Recover Tactical grip/rail system is an easy way to add a Picatinny rail to the handgun you already own. It requires no gunsmithing and is quick and easy to do yourself. The system will not harm your fine firearm, can be removed to return your pistol to its factory state, and it won’t break your bank.

Steve Tracy has over two and a half decades experience as a police officer and firearms instructor. He is also a tactical rifle, use of force, less-lethal, and scenario-based training police instructor. He can be reached at


  1. Recover Tactical’s system adds a Picatinny rail to an older Beretta Model 92 that did not come with a factory rail.
  2. Adding a tactical rail to a Colt 1911 or clone is quick and easy with Recover Tactical’s new grip/rail system. Mounting a tactical light becomes possible on a firearm not originally equipped with a rail.

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