Taurus PT709 Slim Compact 9mm Pocket Training Pistol Bluegun from Ring’s Manufacturing


The Taurus PT709 Slim Compact 9mm Pocket replica from Ring’s Manufacturing is molded from solid blue polyurethane to differentiate it from a live weapon. The Taurus PT709 Slim Compact 9mm is often used by officers as a concealed carry off-duty weapon. “Slim” is the name of this new entry into the Taurus line for a reason. Available in both blue and two-tone stainless, this small pistol can easily fit into places that are not normally concealment locations. Due to the slim lines, there are no revealing bumps, which makes concealed carry easier than ever before regardless of your needs. The Model 709 is available only in 9mm, features a striker-fired single-action trigger with a very short reset for a factory-built pistol. With a 7 + 1 shot capacity (9 + 1 with extended magazine), this little “slim-line nine” will handle just about any situation that an off-duty or backup officer might face.

Again, the PT709 holds seven rounds in the magazine, and it comes with two mags. It offers a safety (thumb-operated for right-handed shooters) that blocks the trigger and locks the slide. Its polymer (plastic) grip frame is attractive and comfortable. The slide is of blued steel, and a stainless-steel version is available. The PT709 is a convenient size for concealed carry, and it’s a lot lighter than many other 9mm pistols. One can easily carry the PT709 in their waistband as it rides there fairly well.


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