ACCESSORIES: HEPR (Handguard‐Extending Picatinny Rail)


Charlie Sisk transferred a bit of technology from his STAR rifle to the AR-15 platform. The HEPR fits forward of an AR’s handguard and rotates 360 degrees.
By Warren Wilson

Charlie Sisk of Sisk Rifles ( invented the STAR stock a few years ago for hunting rifles. The STAR (Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle) allows for, among other things, the rotation of the foreend of the rifle (see the review of the STAR in this issue). Now Charlie’s taken that idea and adapted it to the AR-15 platform. The Sisk HEPR (Handguard-Extending Picatinny Rail) threads onto the end of AR-15 free-floated handguard’s rails. It allows any accessory that can be mounted to a Picatinny rail to freely rotate 360 degrees. It can also be secured in place in a position of the shooter’s choosing by using the included lock ring.

The HEPR allows for the rotary movement of a bi-pod, light, or other accessory. It’s very useful in the case of the Designated Marksman Rifle where a bi-pod may be needed on uneven ground. If a scoped rifle isn’t level, the shooter’s DOPE (Data On Previous Engagement) is worthless. One could even see a see a use for the HEPR on an entry rifle. Anyone who has ever been on an entry team and has had to “hold” or cover a door or window during a static entry knows how difficult it can be. Holding your position as other team members clear adjacent areas of a building or residence can be difficult for extended periods of time. This assignment can last from a few minutes to an hour or more. The device would be a benefit as a barricade support to minimize fatigue. The HEPR makes for quick magazine changes in the barricade position since it frees up the off-hand. Also, weapon lights can be rotated from one side to the other depending on the orientation of the corner that needs to be cleared. The prototype shown in the pictures was left in its unfinished aluminum state to allow for better photographs. Production models will be black anodized. PM

Warren Wilson is a Lieutenant with the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma. He is a former SWAT team member/leader and has been in law enforcement for 19 years.


  1. Rotating a bipod left or right (depending on the situation) via the HEPR allows barricade support, can alleviate fatigue, and frees up your offhand.
  2. The HEPR (Handguard-Extending Picatinny Rail) mounts a bipod or other accessory on an AR-15-style rifle, forward of the handguard. It allows rotation of the accessory 360 degrees around the barrel.
  3. The locking ring on the HEPR can be quickly locked or unlocked to secure the accessory at any position around the barrel of an AR-15.

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