SIGHTING IN ON: Make Big Noise

Laura Burgess Marketing’s “Make Big Noise” event proved its title to be true.

By Warren Wilson

Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) recently hosted an event called Make Big Noise. To actually “make big noise,” firearms and related products were not only displayed, they were ready for action with magazines loaded and steel targets set in the distance. Actually making big noise was accomplished with continuous bangs followed by clangs! The event involved the hands-on, live fire of firearms, including many law enforcement-geared weapons, at the G4S ITI training facility in Shacklefords, Va. Every aspect of the event was outstanding, from the initial coordination to the range to the guns and ammo.

LBM provides public relations and marketing communications for law enforcement, tactical, military, and shooting sports markets. LBM clients gathered at G4S ITI in an atmosphere conducive to demonstrations and actual use of their firearms and related products. Make Big Noise provided access to the manufacturers’ engineers, presidents/ CEOs, and salespersons in a relaxed environment that provided plenty of time for interaction.

G4S International Training Inc. boasts two facilities, one in Texas and the other at the excellent location in Virginia where Make Big Noise took place. The G4S ITI facility is more than just a firearms range. It offers defensive and tactical shooting courses, as well as motorcade-driver training programs on its various vehicle tracks. There is also a 3,000-square-foot live-fire shoot house on the premises. G4S ITI was a safe and comfortable facility with professional classrooms to match their professional instructors.

In addition to all of the first day’s firearms activity, the second day included some high-end driving techniques that the participants thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, who wouldn’t have a great time driving someone else’s cars at high speeds without any regard for beating and banging on the car’s fenders? G4S ITI provides several different levels of law-enforcement firearms and vehicle training at their remarkable facility.
It’s impressive that the instructors at G4S ITI have mastered both shooting and driving skills. The same instructors on the range were teaching on the track and their demonstrations proved these instructors knew what they were doing.

The following companies presented their products and then stepped back to let the bullets fly down range:

American Built Arms
American Built Arms is a veteran-owned company located in Pennsylvania that provides quality American-made firearms parts and accessories. They make AR-15 bolts and other small parts and their AR-15 grips and forearms are unique in manufacture and appearance.

The T*Grip from A*B Arms is made specifically for the Tavor rifle. It is a vertical, forward pistol grip with a finger groove designed to keep your forward hand’s grip firm on the Tavor’s short overall length. The T*Grip works just as well with AR-15 and other Picatinny railed rifles.

Chamber View
The bright-orange silicone Chamber View insert instantly notifies those around firearms that its action is open and therefore safe. Models for AR-15 rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic pistols help keep debris out of the open action as well. Compared to plastic chamber flags that partially insert into a firearm’s barrel, the Chamber View will not melt and foul a hot action or leave broken pieces inside a barrel. Plastic flags often break or fall on the ground when clearing an action. The Chamber View stays put until you pluck it out and set it aside. All models were found to work just as designed and are a great improvement over plastic flags.

Eagle Imports (Bersa and MetroArms)
Eagle Imports was on hand with their Bersa and MetroArms (1911 style) pistols. Of interest to law enforcement is Bersa’s BP9CC 9mm single-stack handgun. This polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol is also available in .40 S&W and .380 ACP chambering. Bersa is known for its lower priced, quality pistols and the BP9CC is a consideration as an off-duty or backup gun. The trigger and sights were very good, and the pistols at the MBN event were reliable without any misfires or jams. Bersa’s first lightweight polymer, striker-fired pistol is an option for those looking for quality at a competitive price.

Fobus Holsters
Fobus is known for its polymer holster systems. At the MBN event, they introduced their new CH Rapid Release System, available as belt or paddle holster (with or without a rotating option). This level-two security holster incorporates a small release paddle that is trigger finger operated. However, the release is in a unique position that allows a natural draw, while also causing the shooter’s trigger finger to be away from the handgun’s trigger and placed alongside the slide/frame, well above the trigger.

The U.S.-based subsidiary of Israeli Weapons Industries had dozens of loaded magazines waiting on a table for use in their IWI Tavor bullpup rifle. The Tavor was designed from the ground up with very little input from previous firearms dogma. The Tavor is completely ambidextrous in every way. Recoil is mild and the 5.56 NATO chambered version utilizes standard AR-15 magazines. A 9mm conversion kit for pistol caliber use is offered as well. With an electronic red sight (fold-down iron sights are included and disappear into the Picatinny top rail), the short overall length Tavor was found to be very easy to shoot accurately. Transitioning from target to target was fast and all of the controls were quick to master. The compact Tavor system would be easy to store in the confines of a squad car where space is at a premium.

Laserlyte was on hand for a very engaging presentation that included their Trigger Tyme training pistol, barrel insert laser, and various reactive targets. The blue polymer pistol cannot fire live ammunition and its sight and trigger mimic a real handgun’s attributes without the need to reset the trigger. Inserting the Laserlyte LT-Pro laser in the barrel fires off a red laser beam every time the trigger is pulled. This same laser can be inserted into the barrel of a real handgun (after making sure it is unloaded, of course) and the sound of the hammer or striker sets it off.

While the laser provides a red light hit on a standard target for feedback, the laser receiver target systems offered by Laserlyte make for more realistic training. The Trainer Target reads each shot and then displays the hits. Reaction Tyme Trainer Targets beep and flash when hit and can be set up to come on to signal you to draw, sight, and shoot. The plastic Plinking Cans are top-heavy from their 9-volt batteries and they fall over backward when hit with a laser shot. The cans are tons of fun and all of LaserLyte’s target systems provide excellent training opportunities.

Laserlyte’s firearms lasers mount on Picatinny rails or are model specific to several firearms (including the new Glock 42). Their Rear Sight Laser replaces a handgun’s rear sight with the addition of a tiny red laser unit. Laserlyte continues to come up with new laser products for the shooting market.

Liberty Ammunition
Copper, monolithic, hollowpoint, fragmenting, personal defense ammunition is available from Liberty Ammunition with their Civil Defense line. The 50-grain 9mm cartridge left the barrel of a semi-auto pistol at over 2,000 feet per second. Despite this +P high velocity, Liberty Ammo claims a reduction in felt recoil with their rounds. It’s hard to believe when the bullets are moving so fast. To prove the reduced recoil, Liberty 9mm cartridges were interspersed every other round in a pistol magazine with standard 9mm rounds from another manufacturer. The perceived recoil was lower with the Liberty ammo. The Civil Defense rounds were also test fired through the windshield of an automobile and found to penetrate without deflection due to the angle of the windshield. The bullet accomplishes this result due to its design and the fact that it’s moving very fast.

The ammo was also test fired into ballistic gelatin and found to perform extremely well with both penetration (without over penetration) and with expansion and impressive wound channels. Even a ham was shot with Liberty’s Civil Defense rounds on the G4S ITI range.

Mission First Tactical
MFT manufactures many tactical products, including those for AR-15 style rifles. On hand was their BMS Battlelink Minimalist Stock. It is touted as the lightest stock on the market. The collapsible stock weighs less than 6 ounces and has an angled rubber buttpad, quick detachable sling mount, and an enhanced cheek weld. It was comfortable to shoot and very light.

The Torch Backup Light is a low-profile, LED, recessed pressure pad light for duty backup or home protection use. Its low, 20-lumen output works well for signature reduction during patrol. The illumination tool weighs just 22 grams and has a 12-hour burn time as well as a 10-year storage life. It is a very unobtrusive light when mounted on a rifle. In total darkness, it lit up a room well enough to see human targets with ease.

Mack Gwinn Industries’ Hydra rifle is unlike any other AR-15 platform on the market. A bail and lever provides a quick release system to remove and replace the rifle’s barrel in seconds. The front half of the rifle’s lower receiver also separates to allow interchangeability of magazines. Bolt swaps, along with the ingenious magazine swaps, allow the use of countless cartridges in the Hydra rifle. 5.56 NATO can be changed over to 7.62×39 Russian or 9mm or .45 ACP pistol cartridges for unprecedented modularity. The Hydra is an amazing evolution of the AR-15 style rifle. (See full review in the Jul/Aug14 issue of The Police Marksman).

Morphix Technologies
Explosives and chemical detection kits from Morphix Technologies were an interesting part of the MBN14 event. From a police perspective, evidence technicians should have one of these TraceX explosives kits, and perhaps regular patrol officers in Homeland Security assignments as well. The kit helps identify bomb makers, bomb making facilities, and bombers with a quick and simple swab. The kit itself is “officer-proof” and intuitive in use. A self-contained swab stick is used and then folded back into the closed kit. Ampules similar to drug testing kits are then safely broken to identify bomb-making compounds.

Revision Military Inc.
Revision’s Stingerhawk™ eyewear system comes with interchangeable protective lenses that lock into a slim-line frame. Included in the kit are 100-percent UV protection lenses in clear, grey, and yellow for high contrast. Adjustable head strap keeps your eye protection secure during rigorous activity. The Stingerhawk™ lenses are fog- and scratch-resistant and ANSI Z87 tested for safety as shooting glasses.

Tacprogear offers products for law enforcement that are approved by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). Numerous bags, kits, packs, and cases accommodate the needs of law enforcement officers in any assignment from patrol to tactical to SWAT to school resource officer.

As an example of their products, the Tacprogear Covert Go Bag Light (without Molle) features a single ambidextrous padded sling, a dual-entry zippered pocket that contains Tacprogear’s proprietary Universal Tactical Pistol Wheel (a holster for practically any handgun), a reinforced drag/carry handle, and an internal plate pocket that holds a standard 10×12 ballistic plate.

The low-profile Covert go bag is worn over one shoulder and can then be swiftly moved to cover your chest (with the optional ballistic plate) to provide protection and to give fast access to the bag’s contents and Pistol Wheel holster. PM.

Steve Tracy is a 26-year police veteran with 24 years of experience as a firearms instructor. He is also an instructor for tactical rifles, use of force, less-than-lethal force and scenario-based training. He can be reached at


  1. Laura Burgess Marketing put on their first industry event and it was true to its name. Plenty of live fire made big noise.
  2. G4S ITI in Shacklefords, Va., is a quality firearms and driving training facility. Professional instructors have mastered both firearms and high-speed driving and combine the two seamlessly.
  3. The G4S ITI track allowed attendees to receive training on protective driving maneuvers. Here five cars try to stay an inch from each other to protect the center lead vehicle.
  4. American Built Arms’ finger groove vertical foregrip made for the IWI Tavor Rifle (also works on other rifles with Picatinny rails).
  5. Chamber View’s orange silicone insert instantly identifies a firearm as having an empty chamber.
  6. The polymer-frame, striker-fired Bersa BP9CC is a single-stack 9mm pistol with a decent trigger pull, full-size sights, and a compact profile for off-duty carry.
  7. Fobus Holster’s new CH Rapid Release System is a level two, security holster with a release paddle that is trigger finger operated.
  8. The IWI Tavor is a bullpup design rifle chambered for the 5.56 NATO round (utilizing AR-15 magazines) or the 9mm handgun round.
  9. LaserLyte’s Trigger Time training pistol with the barrel insert laser is an excellent training tool combined with the Trainer Target or the entertaining Plinking Cans.
  10. Liberty Ammunition demonstrated their 9mm Civil Defense rounds (available in other police pistol and rifle calibers as well) on ballistic gelatin, car doors, windshields, and even a ham. The all-copper rounds are lighter and faster than standard cartridges, but with less recoil.
  11. Mission First Tactical’s Battlelink Minimalist Stock is collapsible and weighs under 6 ounces.
  12. MFT’s Torch Backup Light is a low-profile, LED, recessed pressure pad, 20-lumen light for duty backup.
  13. MGI’s Hydra rifle quick-changes barrels, bolts, and magazine wells for a totally modular AR-style rifle. The Hydra can be made to fire 5.56 NATO or 7.62×39 Russian, 9mm or .45 ACP, or one of numerous other calibers.
  14. The lower receiver of the Hydra rifle from MGI separates to allow the use of different magazine wells for caliber swaps.
  15. Morphix Technologies offers the Trace X kit to help identify bomb makers, bomb making facilities, and bombers with a quick and simple swab.
  16. Revision’s Stingerhawk™ eyewear system comes with interchangeable protective lenses that lock into a slim-line frame.
  17. Tacprogear Covert Go Bag Light contains their proprietary Universal Tactical Pistol Wheel (a holster for practically any handgun) and can hold a standard 10×12 ballistic plate.

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