Liberty Ammo .357 Magnum Civil Defense Lineup


Liberty Ammunition announced the .357 Magnum as the newest addition to its Civil Defense line of high-performance personal defense ammunition. Known for its effective stopping power among handgun cartridges, the .357 Magnum makes an excellent round for self-defense, target shooting, or small- to medium-game hunting. Liberty’s high-performance ammunition delivers approximately twice the velocity, three times the terminal effect, 16 percent less recoil, and considerably reduces the weight of loaded weapons.

In testing at Liberty’s production facility, the Civil Defense .357 Magnum achieved velocities greater than 2,100 fps. This velocity is nearly double that of standard .357 Magnum ammo. The Civil Defense line of lead-free ammunition features nickel-plated, solid copper projectiles and nickel-plated brass cases. Every round exceeds match-grade quality in performance.

Liberty’s deep cavity, hollowpoint projectile, fragments in soft tissue, providing three times the terminal effects of traditional, lead-based ammo in comparable calibers. Due to the patented, proprietary design of the Civil Defense projectile and the lead-free component, Civil Defense ammo is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the weight, depending on caliber, of traditional ammunition, thus significantly reducing the carry weight of all weapon systems.

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