Safariland Grip-Locking System Concealment Holster Series


Safariland®’s GLS™ (Grip Locking System) series of holsters features a patent-pending retention device that securely holds the firearm in place once holstered. The innovative retention mechanism is quickly and intuitively deactivated with the middle finger during the draw. Holsters with the all-new GLS retention provide weapon security with a very low-profile and ride close to the body, making them ideal for concealment.

Similar to the proven ALS® design, the GLS automatically locks the weapon in place once holstered. When drawing with a proper shooting grip, the middle finger is placed in the exact location of the locking mechanism, allowing it to sweep over the GLS releasing the firearm with a simple, straight-up draw out of the holster. GLS models also feature low-cut sides, aiding in concealment, speed and re-holstering. For more information, visit

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