HolsterOps Tap Rack Training Aid


The TRT was developed at the Rogers Shooting School to provide a safer and more efficient way to practice certain dry-fire drills. The TRT allows the operator to practice the drills without using dummy rounds and eliminates the possibility of accidentally loading a live round during the exercise. When loaded into an empty magazine, the TRT will position the follower so that it will not engage the slide stop. Its low profile allows the slide to pass over it without stripping it from the magazine.

For practicing reloading, start with an unloaded magazine to lock the slide back. At the start signal, release the empty magazine and insert the magazine with TRT. Drop the slide and complete the dry-fire snap on target. With immediate action drills, start with the TRT magazine not completely seated. Dry fire the action and upon the “click” of the hammer or striker, seat the magazine, rack the slide, and complete the dry-fire action.

For standard dry-fire practice with magazine seated, simply insert magazine with TRT and operate the slide to cock the action before each presentation and dry fire. To remove the TRT from the magazine, use a pencil or any small tool and engage the small port molded in the top of the TRT. For more information, visit www.rogersshootingschool.com

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