HolsterOps Dual Magazine Coupler


The Rogers Magazine Coupler (MC) from HolsterOps is designed to provide users with the ability to quickly and efficiently reload their rifles with a second magazine without compromising the reliability of the weapon. Other devices that clamp or strap magazines together do not ensure that the proper staggering of the magazines will be maintained, nor do they protect the top round from the extra magazine from being dislodged forward during combat use. Both of these problems can cause malfunctions that would negate the advantage of having the spare magazine attached to the primary magazine. The Rogers MC uses fixed standoff points molded into the carrier to prevent the magazines from moving relative to each other. The strong molded Nylon case uses three bolt-through connectors to ensure that the magazines are locked in place, even after repeated aggressive loadings or dropping of the magazines to the ground. For more information, visit www.rogersshootingschool.com.

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