Ruger LCP & LC9 with Viridian® Reactor Green Laser Sight Or Taclight


Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. introduced the popular Ruger® LCP and LC9 pistols factory-equipped with Viridian® Reactor green laser sight (R5) or Reactor tactical light (RTL).

Fans of green lasers understand the advantage of a beam that is up to 50 times brighter than conventional red lasers for around-the-clock, all-conditions targeting indoors or out. Now these shooters can get this exceptional technology as a Ruger factory package available exclusively through TALO distributors.

If a taclight-equipped pistol is preferred, the LCP or LC9 fitted with the Reactor RTL is the choice to make. It illuminates over twice the horizontal area of standard taclights, thanks to exclusive wide-beam Radiance™ lighting technology that puts the beam where it’s needed most.

Every LCP and LC9 fitted with a Reactor green laser or taclight comes with a pocket holster and is equipped with exclusive ECR™ Instant-On technology. ECR™ Instant-On shuts the laser/light off while holstered. The laser/light instantly ignites the moment the weapon is drawn. ECR eliminates fumbling with buttons, unfamiliar grips, and the delay and confusion that can arise in lethal encounters. With ECR, when you draw, it’s on.

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