Crimson Trace 1911 Green Lasergrips


Crimson Trace announced the introduction of two new green Lasergrips® models with the 1911 enthusiasts in mind. Just like the company’s popular red Lasergrips versions, the new green models (LG-401G and LG-404G) are durable, easy to install, simple to operate, and it’s easy to see the results on the target. These new Crimson Trace products are widely available now. Suggested retail prices for the new green Lasergrips are $399 and buyers can find a local dealer at The LG-401G is top-of-its-class in design and engineering. This Lasergrip features Crimson Trace’s patented Instinctive Activation and is recognized as one of the smallest green lasers developed for firearms on the market today. The unit’s precision design offers seamless fit to full-size gun frames to ensure that desired from-the-factory appearance. The new LG-404G is designed for compact 1911 handguns and also utilizes Instinctive Activation. Laser sights with green diodes are growing in appeal to gun owners and self-defense enthusiasts because the technology is better perceived by many shooter’s eyes during intense lighting.
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