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By Steve Tracy

Improve your dry-fire practice exponentially with Laserlyte’s system.

For several years now, Laserlyte has offered laser sighting devices that mount on Picatinny rails, trigger guards, side mounts, and even their Rear Sight Laser (RSL) that replaceS a pistol’s rear sight with a new laser equipped version. Laserlyte also produces bore sighting devices, which insert in a firearm’s muzzle to make sighting in scopes or electronic red dots much easier, while also conserving ammunition.

Laserlyte also makes a laser training aid that reacts to the sound of a falling hammer or striker. A laser then projects out the muzzle and onto the target when the gun’s trigger is pulled. Laser firing cartridges are available in many calibers and there is also a universal pistol version.

Universal Pistol Trainer Laser

The Universal Pistol Trainer laser ($121) fits .38 to .45 calibers (and their metric equivalents such as 9mm, 10mm, etc.) via its unique arbor and taper system. Twisting the black plastic end causes it to expand or contract depending on which direction it is turned. This allows for a tight fit in your pistol’s barrel to guarantee it does not fall out. The laser sticks out just a quarter inch so it can be used with most holsters.

Like Laserlyte’s other laser firing cartridges, the Universal Pistol Trainer fires a red laser dot for 100 milliseconds in response to the sound of the pistol’s hammer or striker. The hammer will need to be re-cocked or the slide will need to be re-racked for every shot unless a double action-only pistol is used. There is not an on/off switch for the laser, so it must be unscrewed in half when not in use in order to save the life of its three tiny 377 hearing aid batteries (about $18 to replace at drug stores).

Trigger Tyme Pistol

Laserlyte also offers their new Trigger Tyme Pistol ($55), which is a weighted, blue solid plastic device that is incapable of firing ammunition or even accepting a magazine. Its black sights replicate standard pistol sights and its trigger is a light double-action weighing in at 5.5 pounds. The training pistol is of medium size and while it replicates a sort of combination of a Glock and an S&W M&P, it does not fit holsters tightly contoured for either pistol. It will fit more generic holsters but it’s hit or miss with others.

With the Universal Training Laser secured in its muzzle, the Trigger Tyme pistol allows fast followup shots without the need to re-cock or re-rack. All kinds of training and practice become a possibility without expending a single round of ammunition with this combination. The laser can be seen on target when fired indoors, turning any room into a range. Drawing from a holster and getting on target with proper sight alignment is easily practiced with the Laserlyte system. Proper trigger control gives instant feedback on target when the laser is fired. You can see your mistakes that are not readily apparent when conducting standard dry-fire practice.

Reaction Tyme Target

Completing the full circle of true training in addition to the Universal Pistol Training Laser and the Trigger Tyme pistol is the Reaction Tyme target ($176). This electronic target has a 2.5-inch diameter bullseye ring and runs on three AAA batteries.

Flick the rear switch to “ON” and every time you shoot the bullseye with your Trigger Tyme pistol or real firearm equipped with the Universal Pistol Training Laser, the corners of the target flash red twice and are accompanied by a double beep. The positive reinforcement of the lights and sound signals your hits and makes the system more effective than just firing a laser.

Flip the Reaction Tyme target’s switch to “RT” for Reaction Tyme and your training gets bumped up another notch. Now the target randomly lights up its four corners and provides a single beep to signal a threat. Hitting the bullseye gives the same flashing light and beeps, but only if it’s hit within 2-3 seconds after the signal to fire is given. The “RT” mode allows for you to practice your draw, sight alignment, trigger pull, breathing, stance, and follow-through. You have to perform all of these properly to get the hit.

The targets can be placed anywhere around your home, office, or training/roll call room. Placing them at different levels (even putting one upstairs on a railing) can help simulate real-world encounters. If the targets are placed at different angles, they can force movement until they can be sighted upon. Two targets can be turned on so they will randomly light up as threats in different locations and at different times. Taping one of the Reaction Tyme Targets to the center of a paper silhouette attached to a wall provided excellent practice. The possibilities are virtually endless.

A Full Circle of Training

With a total MSRP of $352 for the entire circle of full training tools, the Laserlyte system is not cheap. But it could easily save you its purchase price in ammo cost in a rather short time. Several officers tried the system and found their reaction, draw, and sight alignment speeds improved very quickly. The Trigger Tyme pistol caused them to concentrate on their trigger pull and their follow-through. Everyone felt the Reaction Tyme Target provided much more feedback than simply firing at a standard target or a spot on the wall. Dry fire has met the space age and firearms practice has become a reality in your own home with Laserlyte’s training products. PM

Steve Tracy is a 25-year police veteran with 23 years of experience as a firearms instructor. He is also an instructor for tactical rifles, use of force, less-than-lethal force and scenario-based training. He can be reached at

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