LaserMax GLOCK Guide Rod Laser Goes Green


LaserMax® announced the official debut of the world’s first green Guide Rod Laser™ for GLOCK® Safe Action™ pistols. The green Guide Rod Laser joins LaserMax’s well-established line of red Guide Rod Lasers for popular semi-auto pistols. Incorporating LaserMax Native Green™ laser technology, the new Guide Rod Laser offers all the intelligent design features, reliability, and ease of use of the original red Guide Rod Laser with the added advantage of enhanced visibility under daylight shooting conditions. The initial product offering will equip most full-size and compact GLOCK models.

At one with the gun,™ the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight system replaces the factory spring guide and recoil spring with a ruggedized laser assembly that incorporates the diode, electronics and battery source. Because it is housed completely within the firearm, installation of the sight does not restrict holster choice or effect grip ergonomics in any way.

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