OutWest Systems Marksmanship Firearm Training System


The OCAT System Advanced Long-Range Marksmanship System from OutWest Systems is a truly revolutionary firearm training tool that will work inside a residence (laser mode) or at the rifle/pistol range with live ammunition and at ranges in excess of a mile if so desired.

Features include: Set targets almost anywhere in any scenario

(assuming safety is the first consideration); Use with any type of target (paper, steel swingers, pop cans, prairie dogs, etc.) and see hits live on the computer screen; Place targets a mile distant if so desired and view them as if they are 10 yards away; Eliminates the need for spotters (shooters can see hits on the actual target); Eliminates the need for specialized ranges (set up anywhere safe and legal); Now accurately and instantly learn how to read the effects of wind and mirage on the last shot fired; this is especially important at ranges over 200 yards; Track and record all shots fired for immediate or later review; Track both firearm and

ammunition performance.

For more information, visit www.ocats.com.

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