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By steve Tracy


Burris has put together an excellent system that provides three sighting options (red dot, scope, iron) all at once.

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Innovative new sighting systems enhance the usefulness of the firearms deployed by today’s police officers. Technology marches forward and the firearms industry offers equipment to law enforcement that improves our ability to hit our targets with even greater accuracy. Here is an introduction to three significant offerings.

Burris offers an entire sighting system for the AR-15 rifle system and any long arm equipped with a Picatinny top rail. Truglo supplies tritium night sights that also pull double duty by employing daytime high-visibility fiber optics. Laserlyte presents a replacement rear sight that includes an illuminated rear night sight and a projected laser.


Burris P.E.P.R. Scope Mount and Fastfire II Electronic Red Dot Sight

Burris offers a scope mount called the Proper Eye Position Ready (P.E.P.R.). The matte black, lightweight aluminum mount is offered with a standard screw mount or a lever actuated, Quick Detach mount. The P.E.P.R. provides 2 inches of forward scope positioning on an AR-15 style rifle equipped with a top rail. This allows proper eye positioning for either 1-inch or 30mm magnified optics. The system is milled as a one-piece unit for strength and solidity.

The scope mount features six tactical screws per ring and each ring comes with a Picatinny mount on top. The Burris system used for testing consisted of the P.E.P.R. mount seizing a Burris 3-9x40mm tactical scope.

In addition, a Burris Fastfire II electronic red dot sight was secured to the forward ring’s rail. The rear ring top was replaced with one of the included smooth ring tops for a clean appearance that does not interfere when your fingers adjust the scope turrets. The Fastfire II is available with a winged protector mount to prevent damage if the electronic sight gets knocked around.

The entire Burris system gives the option of employing the red dot for closeup entry/tactical use (the red dot is positioned high on the rifle for ease of use) or the scope for precise distant shots. The P.E.P.R. can also be instantly removed with its QD Mount to make use of your backup iron sights. Burris has put together an excellent system that provides three sighting options (red dot, scope, or iron) all at once.

All three sight systems line up quickly and naturally when the rifle is shouldered. The system provides officers with patrol, tactical, and entry abilities while shouldering a single long gun.


Truglo Bright Site Series Handgun Sights

Tritium night sights are popular options for law enforcement sidearms and some departments are even requiring them for duty. The glowing triple dots allow officers to align their front and rear handgun sights in both low light and total darkness. But the dots do little to aid sighting during medium light situations or in bright sunlight.

Truglo’s Bright Site Series of handgun sights combine tritium with their fiber optics sights and as a result the dots can be used 24 hours a day. The CNC-machined, steel construction Tritium Fiber Optic (TFO) sights are available for popular firearms in either triple green or a front green and rear yellow dot system.

The sights are designed to be snag resistant and they fit standard duty holsters. The Truglo TFO sights allow officers to transition through all lighting conditions, including sun, cloud cover, dusk, streetlight, low light, and even pitch black, all while maintaining a proper sight picture.

I compete in a police pistol league and the firing range’s bright booth lights effectively disable my pistol’s factory night sights. I could not see my front sight very well on the black silhouette hanging downrange. But with

Truglo TFO sights, the bright green fiber optic front sight stood out and made 10 ring hits much more common. When the lights dim down, the tritium radiates and the sights are still effortless to see. Truglo’s Bright Sites are available for installation on many duty pistols.


Laserlyte Rear Sight Laser

Laserlyte offers a replacement rear sight equipped with a small tube containing a laser on its right side and a small battery compartment (using four #377 watch batteries) on its left. The RSL simply replaces the rear sight on your duty handgun. It does not mandate the changing of grips or internal parts, nor does it add a protrusion that negates the use of your current holster.

A hammer is the only tool needed to install the RSL on your duty sidearm and a custom blade end brass punch is included in the packaging. Even an extra set of batteries is included. The laser clears most duty holsters equipped with retention systems.

The laser is adjusted for point of impact by turning tiny Allen screws for windage and elevation with the supplied wrench. Activation is accomplished by pressing the rear button switch with your thumb from a normal shooting grip. The first press illuminates a green dot at the bottom of the rear white outline notch. This glowing night sight can be used in conjunction with a tritium front sight for low light shooting.

A second press of the switch turns the laser on; a third push turns the laser off. Pressing the switch for five seconds will activate the pulsing mode of the projected red laser, allowing your eye to acquire the red dot quicker.

A standard, squared white outline rear sight supplements the laser. Laserlyte’s RSL is available for numerous popular duty pistols. The RL-1 model tested was simple to secure in place of a Glock’s rear sight.

Technology marches onward every day. None of these sighting systems were available to law enforcement just a few short years ago. Modern, new-fangled equipment does not overcome training, but when today’s newest advances are used in conjunction with quality police training, we save more lives. PM


Steve Tracy is a 25-year police veteran with 23 years of experience as a firearms instructor. He is also an instructor for tactical rifles, use of force, less-than-lethal force and scenario-based training. He can be reached at





1.The Burris PEPR mount secures a scope to an AR-15 rifle and allows a Burris Fastfire II electronic red dot to be mounted on top of the ring’s Picatinny rail.


2.Laserlyte’s rear sight laser is compact and operates with ease.


3.Laserlyte’s replacement rear sight features a white outline notch, illuminated rear green dot night sight, and a push button switch (left tube) to activate its projected red laser (right tube).


4.Truglo’s Bright Sites incorporate fiber optic dots for daylight use and tritium dots for low light use, allowing a three-dot sight alignment system 24 hours a day.


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