Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) and Train-the-Trainer

By PM Staff

What is it?
The ALERRT course is for the first responders to active shooter incidents. The course is 16 hours and is held over a 2-day period at an approved facility provided by the host agency. The Train-the-Trainer is an in-depth, instructor-level class. This course is 40 hours and is held over a 5-day period in San Marcos, Texas. Both courses are accredited in most states and can be recognized as official training hours. Tactical experts – active and retired police and military leaders – have educated over 10,000 peace officers across the country over the last six years.

What is the purpose of ALERRT and Training-the-Trainer?
ALERRT began in response to America’s active shooter trend, beginning with the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. Law enforcement deployed to the scene waited 45 minutes for SWAT teams to arrive and contain the situation; these officers suffered public scrutiny for their lack of action. Therefore, ALERRT courses aim to provide front-line defenders with appropriate skills and training to handle these dangerous situations, and safely and effectively end the violence. Courses are provided for free or at a low cost to agencies.

What do the courses cover?
The ALERRT classes include basic training for participants and cover the following subjects:

  • Historical Overview
  • Active Shooter/vs. Barricade Hostage Situation
  • Tactical Team Movements
  • Survival Stress Reaction
  • Training to Win
  • Low-Light Techniques
  • Rescue Team Tactics
  • Rules for Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Building Approaches
  • Safety Briefing
  • Force-on-Force Practical Exercises
  • Video Scenario Debriefing and Course Critique
  • The Train-the-Trainer (Instructor Level Course) includes the ALERRT course and additional, in-depth techniques, role-playing, and curriculum.

What is the cost?
Free in Texas, via funds from the Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice, ALERRT will provide all training expenses. Hosting agencies need to provide the approved facility for training, transportation, board and meals for class participants.

Outside of Texas, limited funding may be available within the next year. ALERRT is waiting for sanctioning/approval from the US Bureau of Justice/Department of Homeland Security, which would provide funding for most agencies through their state government.

Where are the courses offered? How do I get ALERRT to my agency?
ALERRT instructors bring the course to approved facilities around the country. Practical training in an empty school or office building is included. Agencies need to provide the facility and it must be pre-approved. Train-the-Trainer is facilitated in San Marcos, TX. Class participants are responsible for their own transportation. Discounted lodging is available.

Who is eligible?
Any state-certified peace officers, federal law enforcement officers or military personnel in good standing is encouraged to participate in this valuable training.

Have more questions?
Contact ALERRT for more information on hosting a training course, class registration, funding, etc.
Phone -  512.245.1744

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