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New gear for keeping you at the cutting edge of safety and performance

Stow-and-Go Packable Jacket
Ready when you are, 5.11 Tactical’s new packable jacket is compact enough to take almost anywhere. Detectives, officers, operators, firefighters and EMS professionals keep packable jackets in multiple locations to be thrown on in a moment’s notice. The jackets stow easily in patrol bags, car trunks, lockers, gym bags and more. Made of strong polyester microfiber, this versatile jacket is an ideal lightweight, water-resistant windbreaker. It folds neatly into its own left pocket, which becomes a convenient pouch. Features include mic loops, a vertical chest pocket and hand pockets. It’s also available preprinted with POLICE, SHERIFF or SECURITY screened in white lettering on the front left chest and back. You may also imprint departmental logos, etc. Jacket colors include black, navy and sheriff green, in sizes XS to 4XL. At an affordable price (from just $19.99), these jackets are definite winners. For details, visit

5.11 Tactical’s New Speed Boots

Keeping law enforcement professionals at the cutting edge of safety and performance, 5.11 Tactical introduces two new boot styles: the mid-height Speed 6” and the taller Speed 8.” Both are outfitted with 5.11’s Shock Mitigation System,™ which combines optimal boot support and performance with the comfort and lightweight properties of an athletic shoe. Each boot features non-metallic construction, a full-grain polishable leather toe and a nylon upper. The boots’ moisture-wicking lining diffuses sweat and prevents odor-causing bacteria. Also standard is 5.11’s oil and slip-resistant outsole. An exceptional value, prices begin at $59.99. Speed boots are available in sizes 4-15 with wide widths from 7-13. For best performance, pair these boots with 5.11 socks – an integral part of 5.11’s Shock Mitigation System.™ With every Speed 6” and Speed 8” boot purchased, buyers receive a free pair of 5.11 socks by mail-in coupon. For details, visit

Bianchi’s New Pocket Change Holster
The Model 4501 Pocket Change pocket holster is just one of the latest innovative concealment holsters from Bianchi. The Pocket Change holster features a unique moisture-resistant textured grip material on both exterior sides of the holster, keeping it in your pocket during the draw. The interior nylon lining provides a smooth and reliable draw of the firearm, allowing it to easily slip into the pocket, providing maximum concealment in a compact and lightweight holster. With minimal bulk and a smooth front, the Pocket Change holster conceals the shape of the firearm in the pants, while at the same time offering protection to clothing and firearm. The Bianchi Pocket Change holster is available in two sizes: 2” small frame revolvers; and .380 semiautos: Sigarms P230, P232 /Walther PPK and similar. Suggest retail – $15. For details, visit

SAVVY– BAE’s New Line of Body Armor, Designed for Women
Providing precision fit, bullet-resistant vests especially made for female law enforcement officers, the new SAVVY line was developed after dedicating full time resources to understanding the female body and how a woman’s shape interacts with her armor. Until now, female officers have been expected to wear slightly modified vests that were designed for men. “SAVVY armor was created to meet a growing demand for precision-fit body armor for women,” said Angela Milligan, SAVVY brand manager. “As one of the first product lines of female body armor on the market, SAVVY offers three exclusive shaping technologies designed to accommodate women of every shape and size. SAVVY reaches a customer that has long been overlooked. Finally, we have body armor made especially for women.”

Currently, SAVVY offers two concealable options, the RETRO and the FLAIR. Both offerings feature all-woven aramid materials for added flexibility and incorporate SAVVY’s 4-point cup positioning for an exact bust (apex) alignment. Made of soft ballistic and carrier materials, the vest drapes a woman’s shape-conforming to her body. SAVVY’s vests are protected by waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex® fabric and have an interior lining of Anti-Microbial Yarn®), which helps reduce bacteria, mold and fungi. Each vest features Level II and IIIA ballistic packages that meet NIJ ’05 compliance standards. For details, visit

Safariland’s New Rapid Light System
Safariland announced the introduction of the Rapid Light System (RLS™) for law enforcement and security personnel. This unit combines a gun-mounted light and hand-held flashlight into one integrated light system. “The concept and development of the RLS is revolutionary to this industry, yet it is an incredibly simple design,” said Scott Carnahan, director of Marketing, Safariland. “RLS reduces the amount of equipment that law enforcement and tactical personnel must carry by providing a single product that addresses multiple situations with ease and flexibility.”

Offering maximum versatility and usability, the RLS system employs a single, ultra-bright flashlight and separate gun mount with a built-in clip. The flashlight mounts onto any weapon incorporating an integral rail or Picatinny rail system, including rifles and shotguns. Designed to mount in two quick and easy steps, the RLS slides onto a weapon’s rail and locks into place, rapidly transitioning from standard flashlight for hand-held use to tactical illumination. The light can easily be removed from the mount, and the belt clip secures easily to belts or garments, eliminating the need for additional equipment on an already full duty belt.

With LED technology, the RLS flashlight is bright enough to serve as an officer’s primary light system, providing more than 50 hours of use with just three AAA batteries. The standard push-button provides controllable on/off illumination of a target, minimizing loss of handgrip, sight picture and exposure. The RLS mount can be purchased separately, allowing the user to attach his own compact flashlight. It can accommodate a variety of compact lights, ranging from .97 inches to 1.06 inches in diameter. The RLS Light/Mount System is available in black, with a suggested retail price of $125.00. RLS mount – $45.00 For details, visit

New Waterproof Air Sole Boot from Original SWAT
Just in time for the Fall rainy season, Original SWAT introduces its newest waterproof boot, the Air All-Leather Tactical Waterproof. The lightweight (44 oz/pair) boot is built upon the same foundations as the Metro Traction product category, featuring air sole technology for superior comfort. The boot upper is made from waterproofed leather with an internal waterproof breathable membrane. The YYK® side zipper is Velcro® tabbed and gusseted to keep out water and debris. The footbed foundation consists of a lightweight, riveted steel shank sandwiched between two flexible lasting boards for superior lateral stability and torsional strength, then topped by a removable molded orthotic sock liner. Additionally, Original SWAT’s Metro Traction outsole features a unique Arch Ladder Tread, specially designed for extra grip on rope rappels.

The heel has a ridged kick plate, making the boots easier to get on and off, and the toe has an abbreviated toe bumper to protect from scuffs and scrapes. Each lacing eyelet is reinforced with a heavy-duty plastic liner, preventing laces from ripping through the leather and extending the life of the boots. The Air All-Leather Tactical Waterproof boot is available in black, in D-width sizes 7 – 15, and EEE-width sizes 8 – 15. Both come in half sizes up to size 11.5. For details, visit

New Top Gun Mark 1 Tactical Flashlight
AE Light introduces their new Top Gun Mark 1 professional, heavy-duty in-car rechargeable LED tactical flashlight. It was designed for law enforcement, security, armed forces and emergency services. Representing the latest in LED technology, Manufactured from American components and aircraft quality hard black anodized aluminum, the Top Gun is powered by rechargeable lithium ion, 7.4V, 2200mAh battery. Utilizing the American-made CREE LED, recognized as the brightest and best, it features a textured grip that allows a non-slip hold, a lens made of unbreakable materials and a deep parabola reflector.

Top Gun Mark 1 has a unique dual switch feature that provides side and rear switches. The side switch has three electronic modes; the first press provides 100% of power (170+ lumens), the second press offers 25% of power, and holding switch fully pressed for 1-3 seconds puts the light into flash mode. A rear tactical (second) electronic switch is simply in an on/off mode of 100% of power. A small red LED low battery indicator is built into the side switch, which begins to flash when there is less than 20 minutes time remaining on the battery. “O” rings on the front head and rear cap protect the light from dust and water ingress, and is rated IPX7 (waterproof up to 1 meter limited duration).

Run time is 5+ hours on 100% brightness mode and 20+ hours at 25% power & 30 hours of strobe. The battery has no orientation to positive or negative and can be installed either way, in case a battery change is required in the dark. Time to recharge from flat to full charge is 2 hours. Top Gun Mark 1 accepts part charging as the battery has no memory and, in case of emergency, a charge of 15-20 minutes will provide approximately 40 minutes of light at 25% mode. Projection distance is up to 500’, beam convergence is 15 degrees fixed, strobe frequency is 10-12 MHz, and color temperature is 6000K. It measures 9” long, weighs just 14.2 ounces.

An in-car mountable cradle charger features a 7-28V DC inputs with hard wire or cigarette socket lead, and overcharge protection. Included are one each of a torch, battery, in-car charging cradle, hard wiring lead, cigarette socket lead, and belt carry pouch. A bright orange traffic control wand with blue end cap and 100/240VAC charger are available as options. For details, visit

New Fiocchi Cartridge Incorporates Renowned X.T.P.TM Bullet
Famous for producing high-performance ammunition products, Fiocchi Ammunition introduces the new Fiocchi .45 Auto XTPHP 230-grain round to its Extrema Pistol X.T.P.TM ammunition line, offering outstanding high-performance for both defense and competitive applications. The key driver behind this new product is Fiocchi’s choice of the Hornady XTPTM 230-grain bullet, used to top off the round’s quality nickel-plated brass case loaded with a careful choice of reliable powder. The result is a cartridge specifically engineered to provide trouble-free, completely reliable feeding in semi-auto arms, smooth extraction, and most important of all—incredible downrange performance. At the muzzle, Fiocchi’s .45 Auto XTPHP 230-grain cartridge is rated at a swift 900 fps velocity with an energy of a strong 355 ft./lbs.

XTP bullets are recognized by experienced shooters for their ability to reliably expand across a wide range of velocities while retaining their weight—producing extreme terminal performance. Special features built into the Hornady XTP bullet’s nose facilitate and control expansion on impact. Fiocchi’s .45 Auto XTPHP 230-grain has a bullet design that, (coupled with renowned nickel-plated brass cases) has been specifically engineered to provide trouble-free, completely reliable feeding in semiautomatic weapons and smooth extraction from chambers. Plus, the specially developed cannelure ensures the jacket and the bullet core remain locked together during expansion—balancing all components with reliable powders to obtain the perfect ballistic equilibrium. The end result? Fiocchi .45 Auto XTPHP 230-grain bullets consistently deliver the deep, terminal penetration needed. The new Fiocchi .45 Auto XTPHP 230-grain is just part of the international manufacturer’s full line of rifle, pistol, rimfire, shot shell and unique rounds. For details, visit

New Nightvision System from Trijicon

Trijicon® announces a new solution for night-time tactical engagements. Their Tactical Advanced NightVision System (TANS) brings cutting-edge night vision to the front lines in a compact, rugged and easy-to-use sight, providing a clear advantage for those who must go into harm’s way. The historical trade off for the critical advantage of seeing at night has been night vision equipment that was cumbersome, delicate or difficult-to-use. However, the new Trijicon TANS is a cutting-edge night vision system that is specifically designed to work perfectly in front of the Trijicon ACOG sights, with negligible affect on boresight—allowing extremely rapid proficiency from one’s normal shooting position. This important design feature eliminates the traditional night vision shortcomings of mounting equipment behind daylight sights, requiring the user to move the existing sight and subsequently lose his battlesight zero. Designed for military and law enforcement applications, the entire unit can be added or removed effortlessly from a MIL-STD 1913 rail. The 24 oz Trijicon TANS is made with a low 1.5 inch optical centerline that is free from parallax errors, optimizing target acquisition in CQB situations during low-light conditions. The Trijicon TANS is available in three versions; a U.S.-only Gated version, a NATO-Spec 1600FOM version, and a Non-NATO 1250FOM version.

Best of all the advantages don’t sacrifice Trijicon’s trademark ruggedness. Manufactured with a combat-strong aluminum housing, the Trijicon TANS is completely submersible up to 66 feet for two hours. The system features a field-replaceable modular power pack that is incredibly versatile—designed to fulfill mission requirements on either (1) CR123 or (2) AA batteries. Additionally, the power pack allows full system operation on a single AA battery for a shorter duration. The Trijicon TANS’ catadioptric lens is extremely durable, requiring little maintenance while maintaining permanent boresight retention for the life of the unit.

With an operating temperature range of -30° to +60° Celsius, the Trijicon TANS goes anywhere our troops and peace officers go, perfectly complementing the battle-proven line of Trijicon combat optics. Designed with the latest advances in night vision technology, the Trijicon TANS’ fast f/0.9 catadioptric lens collects a maximum amount of starlight for a brighter and sharper image, taking advantage of size and weight reductions of the latest generation in image tube technology. Roughly the same length as the highly-praised Trijicon ACOG (6 inches), the TANS advantage is priceless in close-quarter combat and room clearing, providing full day scope field-of-view (up to 14°) optimized for magnification up to 8x. The high-resolution night vision sight provides a large 33mm output optic that fully fills most day scope objectives, ensuring that the eye volume of the day scope is unaffected. The Trijicon TANS will be available for purchase by military units and law enforcement agencies only. For details, visit


Blackhawk Products Group’s Warrior Wear® with Integrated Tourniquet System
According to Mike Noell, President and CEO, “At Blackhawk we get up every morning dedicated to using our resources to help save lives. When medics and doctors that deal with combat and tactical medical needs see the system, they at once understand the immediate life saving potential. Four tourniquets in the pants and four tourniquets in the shirt (two in the short sleeve version), correctly positioned and oriented to the upper and lower extremities, are immediately accessible under existing gear and can be operated by the wearer, their buddy, or a medic. Immediate application minimizes loss of blood, the single greatest medical problem resulting in death from injuries sustained to the extremities among our troops today. An additional feature is that our design allows users to train with the system over and over rather than having to replace each tourniquet after a single use, whether during training or in the field using the same system they will wear in tactical operation,” further explained Noell.

The majority of preventable deaths come from loss of blood resulting from leg and arm wounds that is not protected by body armor. Ten percent of preventable combat deaths are from extremity bleeding and 50-70% of all combat injuries are extremity wounds. The fact that you can always find the tourniquet with the Integrated Tourniquet system and the speed with which you can immediately apply it will dramatically impact not only loss of life but also the amount of time that it takes to recover from extreme blood loss injuries. Blackhawk intends to incorporate ITS. into its current line of apparel and will also license the technology to other manufactures that currently provide apparel to the military and law enforcement. For details, visit


Nighthawk Custom® Predator
While everyone has an opinion about the attributes of a premium handgun, accurate rounds down range is a true measure of quality. Whether for combat, competition or home defense, the master gunsmiths at Nighthawk Custom know that quality components alone are not enough. The heart of the Nighthawk Custom Predator is its special one-piece barrel, crafted out of 416d stainless steel and designed with a precision weighted muzzle. Coupled with a meticulously relieved cut slide fitted perfectly to the barrel, the Predator is ideal for everything from home-defense to recreational sport shooting—where the added weight dampens recoil and reduces muzzle flip, allowing faster follow-up shots.

The Predator is handcrafted, featuring 40 lines-per-inch hand checkering rear of the slide as well as slide top serrations, a single slide safety (with available ambidextrous safety), tactical magazine release and genuine Novak Low Mount Night Sights. Nighthawk Custom also offers a wide range of additional features for customers who want to put their own individual touch on their weapon—to include Nighthawk’s highly advanced Perma Kote battle-tested finish. Nighthawk Custom’s quality reputation and proud American-made heritage is the user’s assurance of supreme craftsmanship, accuracy and reliability. For details, visit

New Point-of-View Video System (V.I.O.)
V.I.O. Inc., the leading brand of wearable point-of-view video technology, introduces the new POV.1, an integrated Point-Of-View video system built for real-world action in unreal conditions.
The POV.1 is a fully integrated point-of-view (POV) video system that’s waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant. The system includes a mountable camera head, built-in video recorder with LCD screen, wireless remote and software for managing point-of-view videos.


Using the POV.1 hands-free tactical technology allows Public Safety personnel to accurately document any incident without taking their eyes off of the mission at hand, says Tom Mattioli, Director of Public Safety Sales at V.I.O. Responders can easily share the digital images of the scene with their backup, incident commanders, or prosecutor.

POV. 1 Features:
• High-quality wearable video camera records with 720 x 480 resolution at 30fps
• Ergonomic user interface design enables single-handed operation and hands-free video capture
• Modular mounting system provides camera stability while attached to helmets or other high impact gear
• Components are shock-resistant, water-resistant and dustproof for use in the most hazardous environments

• POV.1 Recorder with LCD
• Wearable camera head
• LVDS cable
• POV Manager software
• Wireless remote control
• 1GB SD card
• USB cable
• Analog A/V cable
• AA batteries
• Carrying case
• Mounting accessories

For more information, visit or call 1-888-579-2267.

CampCo Introduces the new Uzi Guardian Wrist Watch
LOS ANGELES, CA – Digital watches never looked so good! UZI announces the newest product in their wrist watch line; the UZI Guardian. Featuring a rugged shock-resistant body and scratch-resistant mineral crystal, the Guardian will be sure to endure any adventure. Professionals will appreciate the oversized digital display and robust design. The watch is available with a rubber or nylon hook and loop strap. Additional features include: alarm, chronograph, date display, 12/24-hour time, water resistant to 50 meters, and a 1-year warranty. The MSRP is $39.95.

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