Book Review: The Green Beret in You

By John Giduck and Sgt. Major John A. Anderson (Ret.)
Reviewed by Connie Bond

Enlightening, inspirational and blatantly honest, Giduck and Anderson bring a refreshingly simple theme to life in The Green Beret in You. The authors challenge everyday citizens to examine their lives and raise the bar where needed, in order to fully embrace qualities possessed by Special Forces operators around the world. Using former and current Special Forces operatives as examples, this book encourages readers to face responsibilities and live life to the fullest in every situation.

As can be expected from the title, the authors don’t cut any slack. Instead, they explain that the success and strength of any society is directly related to the decisions and actions taken by its citizens. Civiliation needs heroes, not cowards.

Living up to our potential is the subject of this thought-provoking collection of stories and life lessons. Calling upon his extensive experiences as a former Special Forces operator, Retired Sgt. Major John (Andy) Anderson candidly stresses commitment, dedication and discipline, all characteristics required of Green Berets. Co-author, John Giduck brings his experiences with the American legal system, and his extensive travel and real-life research tenacity for his book, Terror at Beslan to the reader in a no-nonsense manner.

This 380-page book contains many valuable lessons, including:

  • learning to deal with problems by facing them head-on,
  • accomplishing goals without sacrificing integrity,
  • living like a warrior, always and foremost a humanitarian,
  • maintaining excellence in everyday life,
  • and much more – twelve chapters in all.

The Green Beret in You covers everything from the unique selection and training process troops must pass prior to their acceptance into Special Forces, to their enviable dedication and impenetrable unity. Giduck and Anderson remind us of our unique American heritage and the importance of maintaining such. This book is a blueprint for a well-lived life, a life filled with virtues including honor, integrity and discipline reflected in a personal code of ethics.

An excerpt from the book:

“John Wayne had a personal code by which he lived his life everyday, and it came through in both his life and films. ‘I won’t be wronged; I won’t be insulted; I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same of them.’ It was this code, this standard of irretrievable and uncompromising morality and courage, that made us all love him. Just as The Duke showed us time and again in his movies, the more times you are forced to make difficult but honorable decisions in life, the faster this will become a way of life; one from which you will never deviate.”

What a great message! This book is filled with directives and suggestions for bringing your life in line with those who are known as the “best of the best” our country has to offer – the men of the Special Forces. The Green Beret in You reminds us of the importance of living up to our potential and beyond, of setting and achieving our goals and of refusing to allow mediocrity and selfishness to enter into any aspect of our lives, least our personal code of ethics be compromised. Read this book, think about the message it contains and read it again – the benefits will be tremendous.

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