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GUN REVIEW: Mossberg MMR Tactical Rifle

GUN REVIEW: Mossberg MMR Tactical Rifle A budget-priced AR-15 style rifle for the “every (patrol) man.” By Warren Wilson My first real firearm was a Mossberg Model 380 .22 LR semi-automatic rifle. My maternal grandfather helped me buy it and he paid for my first box of rimfire ammunition when I was just 11 years [...]

Posted: August 28, 2014
FOREFRONT: The Rules of a Fight

FOREFRONT By Duane Wolfe© 2012 and North American Right The Rules of a Fight Know the rules of a fight so you can survive and win. As a police officer, trainer, firearms, and arrest and control tactics instructor I have the opportunity to attend a lot of training and be around some of the best [...]

Posted: August 28, 2014
OFFICER DOWN : Vehicle Ambush!: The Josh Shemenski/Kevin Stevens Incident

OFFICER DOWN Vehicle Ambush!: The Josh Shemenski/Kevin Stevens Incident By Brian McKenna DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT Deputies Josh Shemenski and Kevin Stevens were barely three hours into their shift when they spotted the black Passat backed into a driveway on the left side of the highway that wound its way through perhaps the most remote, meth-infested [...]

Posted: August 28, 2014

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  New Product Info

Ruger Striker-Fired LC9s Compact 9mm Pistol

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.’s all-new Ruger® LC9s™ pistol is a striker-fired version of the award-winning LC9® pistol. Like the LC9®, the LC9s™ is a slim, lightweight, personal protection pistol that is chambered in 9mm Luger. The LC9s™ features a newly designed trigger mechanism with a short, light, crisp trigger pull that improves accuracy and performance. The LC9s™ uses the same holsters, extended magazines, lasers and accessories as the rugged and reliable LC9® and features a blued, through-hardened alloy steel slide; a one-piece high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame with aggressive checkering; a grip extension magazine floorplate to improve handling; and a rapid acquisition, windage adjustable, three-dot sight system.

The compact, 17.2 oz. Ruger LC9s™ pistol has a 3.12-inch barrel, an overall length of 6 inches, a height of 4.5 inches and a slim 0.9-inch width. The LC9s™ ships with one 7-round magazine, a soft case and a cable locking device.


Fobus Holsters GL42ND Holster for Glock 42s

Fobus International introduced the newest holster for Glock 42; the GL42ND. The one-piece holster body is constructed with reinforced polymer and is lightweight and extremely rugged. Retention is adjustable using the tension adjustment screw to allow the user to select preferred presentation with security. The paddle insert is rubberized for comfort and stability. The steel rivet attachment system on the paddle and holster body is reinforced for added durability and strength. Additionally, the sight channel is protected.

The GL42ND comes with the Fobus paddle (GL42ND) or the Fobus Belt Holder (GL42NDBH) that allows the holster to ride high and keep a low profile. Also available is an Ankle holster (GL42NDA). All are also available for left hand draw


TRUGLO® BRITE-SITE™ TFO® 1911 Handgun Sights

TRUGLO® Inc. introduced new 1911 Models for the BRITE-SITE™ TFO® (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) family of handgun sights. The new 1911 BRITE-SITE™ TFO® handgun sight models include Novak® Lo-Mount cut sights for the 5-inch Government in .45ACP, 9mm/.40 S&W, as well as the 3-inch Officers and 4.25-inch Commander models in .45ACP, 9mm/.40 S&W. These new sights offer revolutionary innovation with TRUGLO’s patented combination of TFO® (Tritium and Fiber-Optic) technology delivering an enhanced sight picture 24/7. Rapid target acquisition is achieved with TFO® technology by utilizing existing ambient light to illuminate the sight picture during bright lighting conditions and then utilizing the tritium component to illuminate the fiber-optic during low light or no light conditions. The patented TFO® technology offers an uninterrupted, consistent sight picture for the shooter when other sight systems fall short.

The low-profile sight housings are constructed from CNC-machined steel. The technical design protects the fiber while concealing its view from the target. The TFO® sights fit in standard holsters and are designed to be snag-resistant and dependable. Each set is available in a green front sight/green rear sight combination or a green front sight/yellow rear sight combination. For more information, visit


Beretta 92F Compact from Ring’s Manufacturing

The Beretta 92F Compact Bluegun replica from Ring’s Manufacturing is molded from solid blue polyurethane to differentiate them from a live weapon. The classic Beretta 92 firearm is from a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Beretta of Italy. The model 92 was designed in 1972 and production of many variants in different calibers continues today. The United States Armed Forces replaced the Model 1911 A1 .45 ACP pistol in 1985 with the military spec Beretta 92F, the M9. The 92F has a double-action first trigger pull, followed by a single-action trigger pull for subsequent rounds. The “F” and “FS” models have a safety lever that also functions as a decocking lever. Blueguns’ Beretta 92F Compact is a 1:1 exact replica of the original Beretta allowing officers to train in safe realistic tactical scenarios without the need to use their duty firearms. All Blueguns are 100 percent manufactured in the USA.


Strong Leather Company RFID Badge, Wallet and ID Products

Strong Leather introduced their new line of RFID Shielding Leather Badge Cases, Wallets, Credit Card Sleeves and ID holder to hang around the neck that protect against unauthorized RF scanning of personal and departmental information. Many credit and smart card IDs have RFID chips embedded in them that contain your personal and departmental information. Strong Leather’s RFID signal blocking lining is approved by the Federal Government (FIPS 201) to block RFID transmissions and help prevent identity theft. Strong Leather’s security barrier prevents RF detection at 13.56MHz and in the 860-980MHz ranges. This patent pending material limits the flow of RF energy between the reader and the smart card.

SIG SAUER® Commemorative Engraving Program

The SIG SAUER® Commemorative Engraving Program allows qualified units, departments, or organizations to proudly display past or current service, membership, pride or achievements with a customized firearm. Eligible participants work with SIG SAUER to design commemorative handguns and rifles as well as receive discounted pricing, with minimum orders as low as 25 handguns or 15 rifles. To be eligible to order commemorative engraved SIG SAUER firearms, participants must belong to one of the following groups or organizations:


  • Active or Retired Law Enforcement Officers with official agency credentials
  • First Responders
  • Active Duty and Retired Military of any rank with Military ID
  • Active Reservists and National Guard of any rank with Military ID
  • Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
  • State-Licensed Armed Security Officers and Licensed Security Companies


PSM Group Giveaway

Win a Monthly $1000 Gear Giveaway from the PSM (Public Safety Manufacturers) Group. Each FACEBOOK MONTHLY GRAB BAG is worth over $1,000 worth of gear. Simply like our Facebook page and complete the following form on this page ( for your chance to win! Don’t have a Facebook account? No problem, Click here ( for the alternate sign-up form.

By signing up through our Facebook form you will not only be eligible to win terrific prizes from the PSM Group members, but you will also see the latest member news through our Facebook status updates. This includes special offers from our members, bonus product giveaways, and product highlights.
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The PSM Group monthly prize awards are made up from generous donations from these leading public safety manufacturers: Bates Footwear, Blackinton. Damascus Protective Gear, Gould & Goodrich, Peerless Handcuff Co., Strong Leather Co., and U.S. Armor.


TacView Pole Camera

The concept of TacView was originally envisioned by a Tactical Officer when he was assigned to his agency’s Narcotics Division and who was in charge of procuring and operating the unit’s electronic surveillance equipment, handling the narcotic detector dog, working undercover and writing search warrants. This particular project, built by that officer, which ultimately evolved into TacView, was a micro camera with 24 IR diodes attached to a telescopic pole. All TacView products are built in the U.S.A. For more information, visit


Heckler & Koch VP9 Pistol

The VP9 is Heckler & Koch’s latest handgun and the first striker fired HK since the renowned P7 series pistols were introduced in the 1980s. The VP9 breaks new ground with its integration of a unique striker firing system with an enhanced HK “light pull” trigger. The net result is trigger quality unequaled in any production striker fired handgun. The VP9 trigger has a short, light take-up with a solid, single-action type break followed by a short positive reset. The VP9 trigger has a consistent pre-travel pull with a positive wall/crisp break.

The VP9 uses HK’s ergonomic handgun grip design that includes three changeable backstraps and six side panels—accommodating all hand sizes. Molded finger grooves in the front of the pistol’s grip also instinctively position an operator’s hand for optimal shooting. Only HK handguns have such a customized grip. All controls are completely ambidextrous. Slide releases are present on both sides of the frame and the magazine release can be easily activated by left- or right-handed shooters.

A new feature is HK’s patented charging supports—simple components that are mounted on each side of the rear of the slide and provide better gripping leverage for racking the slide rearward. The charging supports speed reloading and make operating the VP9 easier for shooters with reduced hand strength. The VP pistols use the proven P30 steel magazine; 15 and 10-round capacity available. The VP9 has an extended Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail molded into its polymer frame for mounting lights and accessories. The rail has been tested and certified to handle mounted accessories up to 5.6 ounces.


HolsterOps Dual Magazine Coupler

The Rogers Magazine Coupler (MC) from HolsterOps is designed to provide users with the ability to quickly and efficiently reload their rifles with a second magazine without compromising the reliability of the weapon. Other devices that clamp or strap magazines together do not ensure that the proper staggering of the magazines will be maintained, nor do they protect the top round from the extra magazine from being dislodged forward during combat use. Both of these problems can cause malfunctions that would negate the advantage of having the spare magazine attached to the primary magazine. The Rogers MC uses fixed standoff points molded into the carrier to prevent the magazines from moving relative to each other. The strong molded Nylon case uses three bolt-through connectors to ensure that the magazines are locked in place, even after repeated aggressive loadings or dropping of the magazines to the ground. For more information, visit


HolsterOps Tri-Rail Kit

The Rogers Tri-Rail Kit from HolsterOps allows the user to quickly and easily add accessory mounting rails to their AR-15/M4 style rifle. The Rogers Tri-Rail kit can be added to any standard AR-15/M4 plastic forearm grip without the need to remove the forearm grip, or purchase and install expensive metal forearms with integrated picatinny rails. The Rogers Tri-Rail allows the user to add any accessory that utilizes the picatinny mounting system for his/her rifle, and still be able to use the original forearm grip for stabilization. For more information, visit